Journey through the Advent Calendar


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About the Book

Title: Journey through the Advent Calendar

Author: Rachel Browdy

Binding: Softcover

Page count: 320

Price: $18.00

An orphaned, 14-year-old boy feeling lost and lonely. A magical world desperate for a hero. An ancient evil lurking beneath the surface. This is Journey through the Advent Calendar. After losing his parents, Zachariah finds himself adopted by his uncle and starting a new school. One he doesn’t really understand. Spending months adapting to his new life and attempting therapy sessions, Zachariah feels lonelier than ever. Watching his old friends move on without him through social media, Zachariah accepts the hermit life with his favorite instrument, the drums. But the unexpected gift of an Advent calendar changes everything.

Zachariah is thrown into a world of unpredictable magic where he is expected to be the hero. His expert on the world of Burra Din, a feisty girl named Asha, guides him on his journey and becomes more than just a friend. From a giant serpent to a shadowy wraith, will Zachariah be able to save the world of Burra Din? Who knew Christmas could be so dangerous! Join Zachariah in revealing the ancient mysteries behind each door of his unique Advent calendar. Journey through the Advent Calendar is an epic tale with a modern twist. Readers of all ages will enjoy this beautiful story of tradition.

About the Author

Rachel Browdy is a mother of three, wife, high school history teacher, and author. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in history with certification in secondary education. Rachel is happiest watching her children create grand adventures with their imaginations, traveling, spending quality time with her family, and releasing her ideas onto a page. Rachel Browdy also writes adult fiction under the pen name R. L. Dailey.