Perpetua: A Martyr’s Story


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About the Book

Title: Perpetua: A Martyr’s Story

Author: Amy Rachel Peterson

Binding: Softcover

Page count: 448

Price: $21.00

She loves the Christian life she chose, but is her faith worth death? Rich, privileged Perpetua, a young woman just coming of age in Carthage, discovers Jesus at a time when Christians are being thrown to the beasts in amphitheaters for sport. Rejecting her father’s pleas and the gods of the ancient Roman Empire, she embraces a relationship with Christ and falls in love with a man who shares her faith. Together they navigate the treacherous, bloodthirsty culture and attempt to evade the suspicions of her high society circle. But in the class-conscious third century, can any new believer withstand this depraved world and the temptations of betrayal and freedom? Joy and life bloom for Perpetua, but every victory seems to take her closer to the ultimate sacrifice. Can she choose to leave behind all she ever loved? In a story based on her original diary, discover Perpetua’s transformation from a pagan aristocrat into a defiant disciple of Jesus Christ who has inspired centuries of believers with her story of faith and sacrifice.

About the Author

Amy Rachel Peterson studied history at Wheaton College (IL). Born in California during the Jesus Movement, her early years were spent in Christian communal houses and growing years in Chicago’s inner city. After teaching high school history she became a writer, editor, and publishing professional working with Christian ministries. Amy transitioned out of her most recent role as the managing editor of a small, Midwestern publishing house when she married her husband, Tim, and moved to Seattle. She writes to draw people into the power and hope of truly knowing God.